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Discount Swimming Pool

Kids having fun in an All Weather Pool

Arctic Spas is now offering an excellent alternative to a traditional swimming pool. An Arctic Spas brand swim spa costs much less than a traditional pool and provides many more benefits. Use it as a pool all year round, heat it up in the winter and cool it down in the summer. If you want to enjoy the hot tub benefits simply turn up the heat and relax in the comfortable seating loaded with massaging water jets. Even discount swimming pools can cost more than a swim spa and offer much shorter seasonal use. Arctic Spas has 300+ dealerships worldwide, contact one for more details, pricing and free estimates or request a phone call from a specialist right now. (using the form below)

Discount Above Ground Pools

Traditional above ground pools are becoming a thing of the past. Why swim for one season when you can swim and hot tub all year round for the same price, or less. Arctic Spas offers a range of swim spas that are comparable in price to many discount above ground pools. Considering the similarity in cost, choosing a typical above ground pool does not make sense. And with a premium brand like Arctic Spas you can add to the beauty of your property instead of creating an eye sore with a traditional above ground pool.

A swim spa by Arctic Spas is a far superior alternative to a traditional swimming pool.